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Cheltenham Paris was established in the year 1902 with only a skeleton building community over a period of three days, as the years pass, there are already a number of community showcase was intermittently added to the party, but do not you know that's Cheltenham paris scene was the first to organize a hundred years, the time when there were still communities still in Nottingham Hill, near Cheltenham. Nottingham Racecourse original hill was destroyed by militiamen then called a local priest Reverend Francis Close, who believe that horse racing is one of the great evils of all time.

And if the festival moves to Cheltenham and then called Cheltenham Festival Paris, the original festival was held for two days, but it was in 1904 was the first National Hunt Chase Tower prepare meals four miles. In the year 1924, he took his own name and in 1927, three years after the champion is a configuration problem followed by the establishment of the Queen Mother Champion Chase in 1959 and problems of the world in the year 1972 . Until then, it was the race will include a concert and to this day, after twenty years as a race are still waiting to be included Cheltenham Gold Cup, which is now regarded as the most prestigious tournament of all time the festival. first horse wins the race when it was the Red Splash Dick Rees. Champion Hurdle Betting - Cheltenham 2013

Over the years a number of community showcase was intermittently added to the party with only six years ago horse racing National Hunt paris main event into a spectacular four-day event. And because interesting events offered during the festival, which attracted more than 200,000 Cheltenham during the past week.

The race takes place every year, but there are five particular circumstances of the case because the concert was canceled. It was first reported in 1932 in the course is canceled due to freezing followed by the event is canceled due to flooding in 1937, the Second World War, the event was canceled in 1943 and 1944 completed in 2001, due to FMD.


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