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European Roulette Strategies

Sports betting is extremely popular with gamblers all over the world and with so many games and athletes to choose from, the punter is certainly spoiled for choice. It also means, however, that if you do not merely wish to throw your money in the air and take a chance on where it falls, you will need to make sure you are as informed as possible about the sport, team and/or athlete that you are betting on. This can be as broad or narrow a canvas as you wish.

In terms of betting on team games, after football and basketball, hockey is next in the list of most money gambled. As many bookmakers tend to concentrate much more on the more popular football and basketball, it means that hockey odds tend to be lower, therefore, making the entry points that much more affordable for the average punter. There are, of course, alternatives to the NHL, one of which is the European Hockey League, which is primarily based out of the United Kingdom.

The EHL is also a big draw for bookmakers, although the types of bets tend to be different in each. In the EHL, bets are placed on the money line, as in the NHL, although punters are also able to bet on the possibility of a tied match, unlike with NHL betting. To the surprise of some, a draw is a relatively common occurrence in the EHL, although the quality of games is higher than some might suspect, making games an attractive proposition for punters and spectators alike.

Other than this difference in hockey betting, there are commonalities that punters should consider in terms of their approach to information gathering and analysis. This is a key factor for the individual punter, as relying on typical betting tips can be a risky business. Who can tell how assiduous the analysis has been with regards to some of the tips? As many hockey betting tips are built from historical data, punters need to ensure that they factor other conditions, such as current form and trends.

Look also at factors such as home advantage, injuries and coaching set-up. If the set-up has changed recently, it could affect results in two major ways: either the team will try extra hard to impress the new coach and keep their starting spots, or the coach will experiment with the line-up as he may need time to ascertain his best starting line-up. This can make results more unpredictable than before, so pay close attention to any such trends or changes.

If a team has a past NHL player on the roster, this might also serve to raise standards on the rink. Pay close attention to new hires and transfers as well as you never know what shifts could occur at any time and what this might mean to a team and the mechanics that have been developed. Look for betting tips and put as much research as you can into your final punt - it may well put you ahead of the game when it comes to the betting odds.

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